!!! Corona Information !!!

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We have resumed in-person services at Emersonstr. 1 on February 14, 2021 under the Infektionsschutzkontrollkonzept of our Vineyard host church. You can download a shortened version of the safety rules here.

For those who choose not to attend in-person services, our pastor offers a short virtual Zoom service on Sunday mornings (via a personal Zoom link sent upon reqeust by e-mail). Furthermore, we will record the Sunday sermons and make them available on our pastor's YouTube channel on Sunday nights. Please search for "R Kenneth Blake" on YouTube.

For useful information on how you can protect yourself and others, see Social Distancing, Rules for Hygiene and The Why and DIY of Face Masks on our website

Recommended Reading: Coronavirus and Christ by John Piper.
The free pdf/mobi/epub and audiobook can be downloaded free of charge from the Crossway website by clicking here

Past Events:

Click here for impressions from past events (e. g., family retreats) at MCF.