How to protect yourself and others #1

Social Distancing

Simplified Rules for Social Distancing
by German Government, March 22, 2020

See for the original German version of the simplified rules.

Below you find the English version of these simplified rules, machine-translated with the Google Translate Element plug-in in Firefox.

New rules for the Corona virus

The Corona virus spreads
very quickly in Germany.
This is a very serious situation.
The spread of the Corona virus
must be stopped at all be sure.
That is why there are rules
how the people of Germany have to behave.
The rules are in force until 19 April.


The Federal Chancellor and

the heads of government of the federal states
have adopted new rules on the Corona virus.
The rules are set for 22 March 2020.
All people in Germany
must comply with these rules.

The rules have a goal:
People should
do not infect each other with the Corona virus.
For some people
corona virus is very dangerous.
For example, for the elderly.
Or for people who already have another disease.

The risk of contagion is very high,
when people are together.
That is why it is now important to:
not to meet other people.

These are the rules

Rule 1: Avoid contact with other people

They should not have contact with other people.
This means:
Meeting don't connect with other people.
It's best to stay at home.

There is only one exception to this rule:
You may have contact with people,
with whom you live together.
For example, in an apartment.

Rule 2: Keep distance from other people

If you are out and about,
you must have a large distance
to other People hold.

The distance should be best 2 meters.
That's about 2 big steps.

In the case of people,
with whom you live together,
the distance does not have to be so large.

Rule 3: This is what you need to keep in mind when going outside

Exercise in the fresh air is healthy.
However, the virus also transmits outdoors
from person to person.
You also need to be very careful outside.

Outside, the following rules apply:

  • You are allowed to go outside on your own.
  • You are allowed to go outside with the people,
    with whom you live in an apartment.
  • You may meet with 1 other person.
    Then you have to keep the distance of 2 meters.

Rule 4: You may make these paths

You are allowed to leave the apartment,
when necessary.
You may leave the apartment if you

  • have to work,
  • go shopping,
  • have to go to the doctor,
  • participate in very important appointments,
    e.g. on tests,
  • Do sports in the fresh air
    or go for a walk.

If you need to be out and about,
however, rules 2 and 3 apply .
It is essential that you have a large distance
to other people.
And you can only go outside with people,
with whom you live together.
Or with 1 other person.

Rule 5: No parties or celebrations in the group

It is not allowed,
to celebrate together in a group
or to make a party.

It doesn't matter where the celebration takes place.
You can't celebrate outside.
You are also not allowed to meet to celebrate in the apartment.
And you can't celebrate together in other places.

The police are monitoring,
whether this rule is complied with.
If you do not comply with this rule,
can be punished.

Rule 6: Restaurants are closed

Restaurants must close.
This also applies to cafés, bars or pubs.
That is:
You can't go to a restaurant anymore
and eat or drink there.

In the restaurants, however, it is still allowed to cook.
The restaurants are allowed to deliver food home.
Or you can pick up food
and eat it at home.

Rule 7: Service businesses are closed

Service operations must close.
These include, for example:

  • Hairdressers
  • Cosmetic studios
  • Massage practices or
  • Tattoo Studios

When cutting hair or cosmetics
there is always a close contact.
The important distance of 2 meters
cannot be complied with there.

But who is sick and
needs medical treatment,
may also get it now.

Rule 8: Rules for all other holdings

There are companies,
that cannot close.
These are, for example,
some authorities,
food shops or

These establishments must:
strict protection measures.
That is important
to protect employees.
And that's important
for customers.

Rule 9: How long do rules 1 to 8 last?

Rules 1 to 8 apply
at least for two weeks.


The rules are in force until 19 April
That is what the Federal Chancellor said on 1 April.

Anyone can help stop the virus

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel asks
all people in Germany as a matter of urgency:
Follow the rules!
It depends on each individual.
You can use your behaviour to help
stop the virus.

This is a difficult time for all people.
All must be for a few weeks
do without many things.
But if we all follow the rules,
we protect ourselves and those,
who can get very sick from the virus.

The Federal Chancellor said:
"This is how we save lives."