Bible Study Aids

... to help you find God's answers to the questions that life poses

Bible reading and study is a key element to the spiritual growth of a Christian. The Bible is God's written communication to us. Apart from it, we cannot know the one and only true God as He has revealed himself. If you want to grow in the Christian faith, then you must read and study the Bible.

Here are some good starting points for helping you in your study of God's Word.

Bible Study Online Portals

Adventuring thru the Bible by Ray C. Stedman

30-minute messages on every book of the Bible (audio and transcripts) by a renowned Christian pastor and teacher

Bible Sprout

"Bible Sprout is your guide to the top Christian Bible study resources on the web. We’re focused on providing the best information about Christianity. We serve by compiling valuable biblical content in the form of Bible questions, study resources, blog articles, and more. It’s our goal that Bible Sprout users have answers to the questions that the world will ask them, helping people grow in their faith."

Blue Letter Bible

"Blue Letter Bible provides powerful tools for an in-depth study of God’s Word through our free online reference library, with study tools that are grounded in the historical, conservative Christian faith."

Bible Study Software

The programs listed below are mostly available free of charge or on a donation basis. Apart from many different Bible modules, you can integrate a wealth of Dictionaries, Commentaries, Christian ebooks etc.

theWord Bible Software

by Costas Stergiou (for Windows platforms)

e-Sword Home

by Rick Meyers (for Windows platforms)
A wealth of additional materials (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Books, etc.) are available from

e-Sword LT for iPod and HD for iPad

by Rick Meyers, e-Sword LT for iPod/iPhone and e-Sword HD for iPad

MySword for Android

MySword for Android - one of the best Bible Study tools for Android.
A wealth of additional materials (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Books, etc.) are available from