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Launched in 1998, the Evangelical Christian Library provides 142 contempary Christian books presented as online editions and easy to read. You don't need to register, log in, or anything, just start reading the books when you find them at the Titles and Authors pages.

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The Evangelical Christian Library (online)

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The ECL ... featuring online books by contemporary Christian authors such as Robert Boyd Munger, Jill Briscoe, Francis Schaeffer, Chuck Swindoll, John Fischer, J.I. Packer and many more.

Our subjects include apologetics, theology, marriage and the family, women in leadership, domestic violence, creation science, intelligent design, biographies, romance novels, biographies of Christian athletes, Christian living, angels, social issues...... and all from an evangelical and Biblical perspective. Students of all ages — including homeschoolers — have found our full-text online books to be helpful for research and spiritual growth.

In order for a book to be included here at The Evangelical Christian Library, it must already be held by at least one real-life library as catalogued with OCLC's WorldCat. We feel that this proviso confers significance on our collection of online books.

In addition to our Titles and Authors pages which list all of our online books, we have a page which lists each of our hosted titles in the order we added them to the library, including some information about each book.

Our purpose at The Evangelical Christian Library is to bring glory to God by teaching the truth of His Word, the Bible, and thus pointing people to Jesus Christ and to a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord. We pray that our Heavenly Father will consecrate these Christian books so that our readers will grow in the grace and knowledge of God. May these books be instruments in the hands of the Holy Spirit to edify, instruct, and empower hearts which are open to Him and to open the hearts of those who do not know Jesus. Our love for Christ and His love for us compels us. By believing in Him, may you have life in His Name! (John 20:31)